Friday, 15 February 2008

Stashbusters Fab 4

I belong to a Yahoo group called Stashbusters....a group where we try and encourage each other to "use what we have", and try really hard not to just buy fabric "just because"

We have resumed the "Friday FAB 4".

You must write down 4 things you want to achieve for the week.
As someone who loves lists...(and has now worked out how to strike off the list in blogger), this really appeals to me! I have lists for everything! :)
Nancy suggested we put the list on our blog, so we are more accountable (cause I really don't want to have to tell you I did nothing, maybe I will do my Sydney Quilt group call me the "overachiever")

So, here is my list for this week
1. Sew 2 baby cot tops from blocks (all blocks are complete).
2. Iron and cut out black and white fabrics for a churn dash quilt.
3. Put left over strips from the last 3 quilts into the right size boxes.
4. graph the next tumbler quilt on EQ5

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