Friday, 29 February 2008

February Goals

with an extra day in February...this is what I managed to do from my list!

Nancy Bush Ribbed Madder Sock - 1 sock (to complete the pair)
Xsers Xmas Ornie Challenge
Little Pumpkin Socks (managed to get one completed.)
Lizzie Kate April Xstitch
1 beading project
Water Rainbow Jumper -1 sleeve
8 scrapbook pages _ started to plan the pages, but didn't get any further...I need to finish at least a few pages in March
Blue Tumbler Quilt - backing and pin
Green Tumbler Quilt - backing and pin
Colour Wave Tumbler Quilt - top, backing and pin
1 single bed quilt....(churn dash black and white with green) start to finish
1 baby quilt for a boy - disappearing nine patch start to finish

from January
Water Rainbow Jumper - 1 Sleeve

Jumper is now sewn together, need to press and photograph.
Completed 3 baby cot quilts

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