Friday, 29 February 2008

Fab 4 Friday

Here was last week's list...

This week's Friday Fab 4 list is....

1. Quilt 2 baby cot quilts
2. Pin and Quilt Curn Dash Quilt
3. Binding on 3 quilts
4. Pin 2 other quilts ready to quilt the following week. (only managed to pin one quilt...because I ran out of pins)

1. Quilt 3rd baby cot quilt
2. Binding on Churn Dash and completed.
3. Binding on 3 baby cot quilts, and completed.
4. Started quilting on 5th quilt.

This week's goals are a little less ambitious (lots of other things planned to do this week).
1. Quilt 5th Quilt
2. Binding on 5th Quilt
3. Pin 6th quilt
4. Add extra blocks to blue Quilt

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