Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Current UFO picture

Back from Disneyland, kids back at school, Phil off to Malaysia. TIme for me to get stuck into the current UFO....this floral thing. At least it is stitching up quickly, and no backstitch. Above is the photo of where I am up to at the moment

Below is a photo of where I was up to before we went to Disneyland

Monday, 6 November 2006

#8 Angel - Peace

I put the final stitches in this one the night before Disneyland, and forgot to post it....was a tad busy getting packed!

Here are all 8 so far...4 more to go.

Now I am working on the 9th one....

Only 4 left to do....these are really lovely to stitch.

The current scarf is coming along nicely too. I try and knit while the boys do their nightly reading to me..I can get at least 10 rows done each night (see I am not a quick knitter! LOL).

My new German friend, Inga, introduced me to circular knitting needles. They are a bit easier to use while I sit on the couch. The boys can sit next to me to do their reading, without being poked by a needle.