Saturday, 31 May 2008

Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern

Pattern by Nancy Bush, from Knitting Vintage Socks book

3.0 mm needles
Yarn Tausendschön Handgefärbte Sockenwolle
Colorway Engelstrompete

I only had 300metres of this yarn, so I had to make them a bit shorter than the pattern suggested....5 pattern repeats of Row 1-10

Friday, 30 May 2008

May Xmas Ornament

Here is my May ornament that our cross stitch group are working on each month (from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas 2007 magazine)

This month I chose the Erica Michaels Design. I am not buying any new materials for these ornaments, just using up what I already have.

I have a lot of these aida strips, and trying to use them up. The design was too large for the width of the fabric, so I had to adjust the pattern a bit.
The yellow thread that I used, should have been white, but I don't have any coloured fabric at the moment (that I want to use for these ornaments), so that had to be adapted too.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Fancy Silk Sock

Fancy Silk Sock by Nancy Bush, from Vintage Knitted Socks book

needles: 2.5 mm

Once I finally got the hang of this lace pattern it was fun to do...but I struggled with Row 9 every time I did this lace shouldn't have been that hard, but I mucked it up every time on the first sock, and then finally got the hang of it for the second sock!

Stitching April

Here are the latest Monthly Designs I am working on. April is finally finished!

I don't know why these are taking so long to do (something with my sock obsession I think!). Once I start one, it only takes 3-4 nights to complete.

The top three are Lizzie Kate Flip It's, the next 2 are from Rainbow Gallery and the last one is Bent Creek. I changed the wording on the Bent Creek one, it said "April Glooms", which didn't really sound right when it isn't going to be displayed with the other Bent Creek designs. So I changed it to April Showers, which was most suitable this April, we certainly had a lot of rain in April!

Here are the current finished pieces....deep sigh, I am not even half way yet! :)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Quilt # 7

Here is a blue tumbler block quilt finished (I am stunned with how many more blocks I have of these, and have no idea how many more quilts I can make from them all)

I have another 2 quilts pinned ready for quilting this week...hopefully they will be finished by the end of May!

Friday, 9 May 2008

April Xmas Ornament

...stitched but not sewn into anything yet.

sorry for the poor photo, I just couldn't get this one to photograph properly. Perhaps when it is stiched into an ornament it will be better

Monday, 5 May 2008

testing Mosaic Maker

Mosaic Maker

hey that seemed to work! (Thanks Pennie for helping me out!)