Monday, 31 March 2008

March Xmas Ornament

There are so many things wrong with this ornament, that I am reluctant to actually share it with you.....but if you don't know what it was supposed to look like, then it probably looks OK to you! :)
It's from the Just Cross Stitch Chirstmas 2007 magazine

a good lesson from this one, is that I really should read the instructions before I start a project, not just look at the picture and graph!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Current Projects on the Go...

This is what I am working on at the moment.

3 more Tumbler Block Quilts in the strip stage...stay tuned to see more (there are still enough tumbler blocks for another 3-4 quilts I think).

Clapotis, in Noro Silk Garden Yarn...ohh, this is lovely to work with! I love the colours.

Fancy Silk Socks, by Nancy Bush, from Knitting Vintage Socks. Look how cute the edges are..I have never done this before! (It took me 3 tries before I got it right!)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Irish Wool

We found some wool shops on the way around Ireland. I really wanted to get green hand dyed sock wool spun from Irish Sheep, in Ireland, but to no avail!
I did get these gorgeous yarns though!

Aran Wool in green, purple and orange. The green and purple screams out to be 2 Clapotis.
Orange is enough for a jumper or cardigan..not sure yet. The green sock wool is Araucania, hand dyed in Chile. The bright skein at the front is Collinette Jitterbug "Jewel". I will keep looking for my green Irish sock yarn, and try and order it from the internet...I loved Ireland, and will be back again soon...maybe a girls weekend???

Monkey Socks

I love this pattern, and I love this wool...unforunately both together don't seem to work...or maybe it is because I didn't read the pattern properly, and read the chart wrong! I will try this pattern again, (following the pattern properly) with sock wool that doesn't have such a distinct colour change. But I love them, and will wear them heaps!

Monkey Socks by Cookie A.
Needle 2.5 mm
Tausendschön Sockenwolle - Schlangengift

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Little Pumpkin Sock

I am really happy with these socks!

"Little Pumpkins" Socks by Sabine Ruppert
2.5 mm Needles
Tausendschön Sockenwolle - Goldener Oktober

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Quilt # 6

The green tumbler quilt is finished today.
Here are my 2 normal helper is out of town! Tricky to photograph when it is really windy outside!

The other tumbler quilt and this one I tried some meandering stippling quilting. I really enjoyed doing it. There are no "toe catchers", and I only crossed over a few times! Even though this takes awhile to quilt, and I need to have a break every now and again. I really like the effect, especially on the tumbler quilts!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Quilt #5 complete

Another quilt from tumbler blocks...I love playing with colours....I have the next one all planned out on EQ5. I hope to start that next week....but first I have the green tumbler to quilt (on the machine now)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Quilt #4 completed

This Churn Dash quilt was the 4th quilt I managed to complete this week.

I have been collecting these black and white fabrics for many years..this year I am hoping to make 3-4 quilts with them.

Both boys need new quilts to take on the plane when we go back to Oz...the quilts that I originally made them 3 years ago are too small. Their legs hang out the end of the quilts (they are warmer than the plane blankets). So I am thinking of doing another churn dash, but maybe with some extra triangles...I need to have a play in EQ5 to see what I think.

edited...darn it...I have just picked up a mistake in my quilt, just by looking at the's far too late to fix it. I am sure only quilters will see the mistake! (to the quilters who see it...shhh...don't tell anyone, this is a gift!)

Quilt #1,2 & 3 completed

This disappearing 9 patch quilt is a great way to use up stash.
It's a very addictive pattern. This week I set my machine to quilt the 7 tops I have ready to quilt. I managed to quilt and bind 4 of them. Herre are 3 of them.

I have 2 friends who are due to have babies soon. Both have been told they are having boys.
The 3rd one was from left over blocks I had made. I only needed to make 2 more to get this smaller quilt.
This is a great stashbusting pattern, and I used up lots of "boy" fabric.

The question that puzzles me the most is
"Why do I have so much chicken fabric in my stash?"
I don't like chickens, and I have never bought chicken related fabric...but there is quite a bit of it in my stash.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

March Goals

Nancy Bush Sock March/April Challenge - 1st sock
Xsers Xmas Ornie Challenge
Little Pumpkin Sock (1 to complete the pair)
Monkey Socks
Lizzie Kate April Xstitch
1 beading project
8 scrapbook pages
Blue Tumbler Quilt - pin quilt and bind
Green Tumbler Quilt - pin quilt and bind
Colour Wave Tumbler Quilt - quilt and bind