Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Spring Shawl.

I finished this shawl back in April I think, and it has been sitting waiting in a bag until I could block it properly. I had forgotten about it, until I found the bag, while sorting through some things. It's an adaption of a pattern, purely because I made a mistake in reading the original pattern, and decided to make the error into a design feature, instead of ripping back 10-15 rows.

So the original pattern is called Spring Shawl, by Emma Fassio. It's a gorgeous shawl pattern (when you read it correctly!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

3 Hour cowl, that took me 6 hours

Obviously I am not the world's fastest knitter, and this project was a good indictation that I must be a slow knitter, (although I wouldn't have thought so), anyway, this cowl is lovely.

I love it. I bought this handspun silk on the Isle of Skye at The Shilasdair Shop. The silk has been sitting in the stash for a long time, as I have not found a pattern that I thought would show of beauty of the yarn.

Then I found this pattern. Pattern 3 Hour Cowl by Ijeoma Oluo

It was a fun pattern to do, and knits up really quickly. I think this pattern would be interesting made up with some art yarn....will make another one soon I think.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Art Yarn Handwarmers

Playing with the various art yarns I have spun and knitting them into hand warmers to see how they look and feel knitted up.

No pattern, just played around until I found the "right" amount of stitches to put on the needle for a comfortable fit over my wrists.

Love them, and I will be making some more I think!