Sunday, 30 September 2012

Majacraft Magic Camp

What a great weekend I had at the Majacraft Magic Camp, run by Mandie and Janet.  Caroline and I drove up to the back of Bacchus Marsh (detour at Gisbourne for a needed coffee break).

I did a few different workshops, how to cast on for a Möbius, using the Cat Bordhi method.  That was great fun.  I cast on 2 Möbius scarves to keep me going, so I could check with Bernadette if I had cast on properly.  I also did a workshop on spinning yarn for socks with Carmel, Combs with Glynis, and weaving with Donni.

As usual I was so enthralled with what I was doing, I kept forgetting to get out my camera.

But I managed to take a few photos on the last day.

 The fibre sandwich everyone contributed to. 
 Close up.  Everyone took home 100grams of fibre
 Donni's beautiful weaving
 Yummy fibre from Mandie
 Beautiful art yarn from Janet
 My messy experiment with weaving techniques.  I managed all this in less than an hour.  I can see why weaving is so's so quick once the loom is warped up.
Home again, and this is the stash I brought home with me.  This should keep me going for awhile!