Saturday, 26 May 2007

Quilting Projects

These are the Quilts I am working on at the moment.

2 batik disappearing nine patches. I am hoping to get the borders and backing done this week, and with any luck pin the 3 layers together to quilt next week. (The pink one still needs the blocks to be sewn into a top...but that won't take long!)

The fabric for another Suduko quilt, I am hoping to iron and get all the strips cut ready to sew for next week.

Knitting projects

I have been doing a bit of knitting, and these are the projects I am working on.

Hairy Hats, pattern from website below.
These are for my mum, who is going through chemo treatment. The wool is very soft, and I hope they will keep her head I took these to Croatia, and knitted them beside the pool and on the beach!

Left Over wool from the felt bag I am making (and extra wool, I am going to make a knitting needle holder that I saw in an English Knitting Magazie, called Knit Today. I get to throw this in the washing machine as well, ans felt it up. It is about 200 sttiches wide, and I just have to keep knitting rows. It is a big project, because the wool will shrink more in length than width. But it is a good project, because I don't have to think too much about it when I am knitting

Some of the wool I bought from the Isle of Skye. This will be a shawl/scarf. Knitted on 15mm needles, 30 stitches wide, it knits up quickly, but the size 15 needles are bulky to use, but fun.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

St Nick after 13 hours

I am not going to post on this more than once a month (well, not promising anything), but I wanted to post a photo of where I am up to after 13 hours!

I am keeping track of how long this piece will take me, because it is the biggest piece I have ever attempted.
If you scroll down to the 13th May post, you can see the entire picture. This is the top left hand corner, the doll on the shelf, and part of the castle next to it.

doing too many things at once what I am really good at!
Today it failed me! On Saturday evening, I got all the gridding done on the St Nick fabric, and wanted to stitch the edges of the fabric to stop them from fraying. I used a long stitch on my machine..."4". It is easy to pull out later.

Today I sewed up the next part of a quilt, 140 pieces, and realised that my stitch length was still at "4", and not "2", which is what I normally use for quilting.

I hate it when I make a mistake....especially when I make the same mistake 70 I have been restitching them all!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Quilt #7 complete

Another UFO complete. This one I started last May/June....and put it away because it was so heavy to quilt. Finally last week I did a few rows at a time before my back began to ache. Then the binding took awhile to stitch on....This quilt is extra long (I just cut heaps of pieces, and kept sewing until they were all used. (Phil had to stand on a chair to hold it up)
This is a Tumbler Block quilt, made with a 22.5 ruler. (The same as Sonia's quilt). I pulled out all the purple strips in the stash, and divided them into lights and darks.
Here is a close easy pattern to follow, because it is just one shape!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Sonia's 4th Quilt

My friend Sonia has been busy last week making this Tumbler block quilt! She has done a really great job of it...wouldn't you agree! This is the photo before the binding is done.

Even her 14 year old son is highly impressed!

Felted Bag

From an issue of Inspirations (Issue 53), I thought I would try to make a felted bag.
A really easy pattern to follow on circular needles. I found this felt wool from Idee in Wilmersdorf. It knitted up really quickly...then I left it sitting there for a couple of weeks before I was brave enough to throw it in the washing machine.

Today I washed it, and this is how it turned out. Now I just have to wait for it to dry, and I can make a lining for it. I have some bamboo handles to finish it off, and a couple of magnetic clips to keep it shut. I think I will add a couple of pockets into the lining for my mobile etc. At the moment, it is a bit fluffy, so I will use a razor to shave off a bit of the excess!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Sneak preview of current quilt

Here is the disappearing Nine Patch design I am working on at the moment. I am trying to use up all the batiks that I have collected over the years.
I found this pattern on another quilters blog.

The original concept of the Nine Patch method I have used here can be found in books by Nancy Brenan Daniel or Karin Hellaby. Take your pick!

Mother's Day gifts

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast in bed of pancakes with lemon and sugar.

My gift was a new cross stitch chart from Heaven and Earth. St Nick in his Study. This is an enormous chart, and will keep my occupied for quite some time. I just did the Maths.....163,800 stitches. Also some new rotating frames to hold it (I didn't have a frame large enough to hold the fabric)
I have started to grid the fabric for this one, I am not risking running out of fabric!

Jan, Feb, March

Here are the pieces I have been working on. I finished the February last week.
I got the box out to get all the March pieces prepared, to find I had already stitched all of them (sometime last year). So that was a nice surprise! :)

Here are the pieces so far. The top three are Lizzie Kate designs.

The next 2 designs are from Rainbow Gallery, and at the bottom is the Bent Creek design.

Next is April.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Quilt #6 finished

Here is the completed Mystery quilt that Solvi organised for us!
Thanks Solvi!

Quilt #5 finished

While Phil took the kids on the bikes today, it gave me 5 hours to get some quilting done. I managed to finish this pinwheel quilt. The original quilt pattern is the Wicked Easy one that I have used before (see the Japanese quilt and bright coloured quilt I did in February 2007 for the link)

This one I added in the small orange triangles to create the pinwheels.

and this is what happens when you get someone cheeky to help you take photos of your quilts.....hmmmmm!

Lizzie Kate and 3rd February finish

These are taking only 2 nights to complete....Ok, so they are really probably 3 nights of work, but then I have not been going to bed before midnight!
Next 2 are Rainbow Creek Designs, and then 1 Bent Creek design

Friday, 4 May 2007

Lizzie Kate February and Quilting

Here is the next Lizzie Kate February design complete. (Sorry, no time to unwind the top part of the frame to show you both, scroll down to previous posting to see a picture of this one)

During the day I am trying to quilt this mystery quilt. ( I just need more time at home)

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Lizzie Kate and other stitching

Now that the angels are finished, and I am waiting for the next project to arrive in the mail, I have pulled out some Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek and Rainbow Gallery designs to stitch up.
These are great as they don't take too long to stitch up. I have 6 different designs for each you can do the Maths for how many I have to stitch! On average they take 2-5 evenings to stitch.

January...stitching complete

top half

bottom half

The beginning of the February piece

I am going to finish them off the same way I have with the angels. On the hanging sleeve, I will stitch some velcro, so I can change the hanger for each month (instead of having to buy 12 hangers). Maybe by next year, I will actually be able to hang them up each month! (we will see)

Once the next big project arrives, I will try and stitch on these 1-2 nights per week.