Saturday, 28 April 2007

Joan Elliot's Angels finished

The entire piece finished!

Below is the top half

and then the bottom half

Some background information on this project.
The patterns were in the World of Cross Stitch magazine 2006 (British publication). Every quarter the magazine had 3 angel designs. The original design was for an afghan rug, but with so many quilts in our house, I would not use an afghan (also I don't like the look of all the threads at the back, and I don't like the look of a backing on an afgan...overall I just don't like afghan rugs I guess :)
I had some fabric that would work just the same. working over 2 threads, using 3 strands of thread.

The finished piece is 114 cm high x 48cm wide. (In quilter terms 45" high x 19" wide)

I bought some butterfly fabric from the internet in a sale, and Phil suggested doing the flange (blue border) just to give it a bit more of a border, and it works perfectly. I did a running stitch in between the angels to attach it to the wadding on the inside, and the backing fabric, and added the butterfly fabric, the binding hand stitched, and finally the hanging sleeve on the back to add to the hanger.

(click on each photo to get a larger image)

They were designed by Joan Elliot, one of my favourite designers. When DMC had their 100th anniversary, she designed an angel using the entire collection of DMC threads at the time. (366 colours I think). At the time, I had won the complete set of DMC threads in a Family Circle competition (entered the stitched photo I did of Alexander and Cameron), and couldn't resist the challenge of this project.

(This photo is not of my finished Angel, but one I got from the internet) My angel is safely stored with mum in Melbourne.

I am stitching some small Lizzie Kate Flip it's in the mean time, until I begin the next big project, St Nick in his study - my first heaven and Earth Design is enormous, but I am sure it will be fun to do....I hope!

Friday, 27 April 2007

Mystery Quilt Part 4

now for a is big enough for a cot size quilt

Mystery Quilt Part 3

Now to sew all the blocks together. There should be enough to make a cot quilt.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

After 18 months of work...

The angels cross stitch is finally finished! HORRAY!!!!!

I am really pleased with how it turned out, and it is great to see it off the frame finally.

Now, I need to give it a really good iron, stitch it on some wadding, and I have some butterfly fabric to put around it, and a nice hanger to put it on!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Mystery Quilt Part 2

Here is the next step of the quilt.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Mystery Quilt Weekend

Our stashbuster group this weekend is doing a mystery Quilt.

Sølvi's from Norway, is organising the instructions.

Here are the first blocks so far.....

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Angel #11 complete...1 to go

Here is the 11th angel

I am now working on the 12th..the last one for this series.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Project Spectrum Pink Strips

13 pink blocks complete.

This is the stack of blocks so far. There are 63 x 10" blocks so far, but these will be cut down to 9 1/2" blocks to make sure they are all square.

Here is what the floor looks like after sewing, time to get the Dyson out!

I am having a rest from the strip blocks for the moment, I have a few quilts I want to sew...but I have done the 3 colour themes for this 2 month Project Spectrum challenge. The box of 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" strips is slowly getting smaller. It is hard to believe I have managed to sew so many blocks out of this box. It makes me wonder how many quilts I could make from all that stash I own, and in comparison to some other quilters I know, my stash is tiny! :)

In the meantime, I have been stitching the 11th angel (not much left to go on that one), and also tryinga knitted bag, which I will then felt in the washing machine....but you will have to wait to see photos of those ones. For now I must go and do some housework, so later I can quilt!

Friday, 13 April 2007

Project Spectrum Yellow Strips

That didn't take long....only 5 squares (and a little bit left over for an extra half) is the pink strips, this should take longer!
So far
yellow 5
green 18
blue 12
neutral 15

Monday, 9 April 2007

Project Spectrum Green Strips

April/May Project Spectrum colours are Green, Yellow and Pink.
OK, I cheated, and started these green squares a few weeks ago. Today I sewed the last of my green strips to the 10" wadding pieces. I managed to get 18 squares out of all the green strips that I have collected.

So far
green 18
blue 12
neutral 15

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Wool on the Isle of Skye

Stopping for a coffee, I spied a wool shop across the road. After seeing so many sheep on the side of the road, I hoped that there would be some good stuff here, and I was not dissapointed!
Here is the weblink for the shop.
The bottom skein of blues and greens is a handspun silk, the colourful orange varigated is a handspun mohair mix, the pale purple and green is fine mohair, and the pink/purple is a merino/silk. I am thinking about some scarves with these!