Sunday, 28 February 2010

Doublemassa Hat

Doublemassa by Charlene Schurch, from "Hats On" book.

Wollmeise wool,
3.5mm needles.

Started this when the Olympic Flame was ignited for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Finished a few hours before the Flame was extinguished...
Just in Time!

GOLD MEDAL for me! :)

I thought I was pushing my luck in getting this finished, (with a week skiing in Zermatt) and thought I was heading for a DNF (did not finish).

I love this hat!

Pity I didn't start this one before Xmas for those -15 degree days.
This hat is fully lined, so when the cuff is turned over, it has 4 layers..really warm.

Now that the snow has melted, and the tempreture is over 5 degrees..I am not sure when I will wear this hat, but it won't stop me making another one!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Citron Shawette

Here is the shawl I finished on my Wollmeise trip (previous post).

My Wollmeise "Pillar of Fire" Citron Shawlette, designed by Hilary Smith Callis.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

A trip to Wollmeise

Every last Friday of the month I meet up with a group of Berlin knitters at Starbucks and we spend a few hours talking and knitting together.

Our conversatons swap from English to German, and sometimes French and Italian if we have visitors from other countries join us. We all met through Ravelry, a fantastic online knitting community.

Some of us decided to go on a trip to Pfaffenhofen, Bayern, in South Germany to visit the Wollmeise.

Our 6 hour train trip meant there was lots of knitting done and the time went fast.

We had booked an apartment for us all, and it was a lovely place with a bedroom for each of us.

On Friday we had a "typische Deutsche Frühstück" with Suzan a fellow Raveller, and fantastic knitter,

After breakfast we drove to the Wollmeise Shop..

A lesson in how to be overwhelmed....
The window display...

Shelves of vibrant colour

More shelves of fantastic colours

Shelves of "Not Quite Perfect" Skeins

I was overhwhelmed with the choices of for awhile I just sat on the sofa and knitted and looked and thought about the colours I wanted to buy, and what I would do with the wool I would purchase. I had a few ideas for some lacy tops, shawls and socks. Then I picked out colours, sat them on a sofa for awhile to look at them, before I bought the ones I wanted.

Andrea, Winnie and Julie, my fellow Berlin knitting friends.

While we were buying our wool, we were able to sit on the sofa's in the shop, talk to other knitters and knit all afternoon. It was fantastic!

The wall of the toilet was fun to read, expecially when you see familiar Raveller names who have visited before.

Waiting for the train...10 minutes, sure, time to knit a few more rows!

Saturday we went back to the shop and bought a little bit more, and met some other Ravellers and knitted the afternoon away.
Julie can't decide which colours she wants, while Suzan sits and knits, she can come here anytime, she lives so close to the shop. ;)

What a great way to spend an afternoon

My Wollmeise "Pillar of Fire" (red) Citron Shawlette, designed by Hilary Smith Callis, started on the train on Thursday morning, finished Saturday night!
Winnie's blue and pink shawl and Julie's green shawl , draped over the sofa

All of our purchases...I am not admitting to how much of this is mine...

Sunday we had to come back to Berlin, it was a bit of a tight squeeze for some of us to put all the wool in our bags, but we all managed. Then it was another 6 hour trip on the train back to Berlin, where I worked on a pair of socks.

On our way home, Julie couldn't resist starting a new pair of socks for a friend with her new wool

It was a fantastic girly weekend. I really enjoyed myself, got to know 3 knitters a lot better, a lot of laughs and fun to be had. I am so glad I went!