Wednesday, 23 April 2008

2277 pieces into 69 strips into 3 tops

Ok, so all those strips I cut down to 3 3/4 strips. That took me ages to cut them all to size. I managed to watch 5 episodes of Desparate Housewives Series 3, whilst cutting ( I set up my board in front of the TV while I cut).

Then I sewed all the strips together. I love Post It Notes....I had labeled the strips in order. There were only a few strips where I had miscounted the pieces, and needed to unpick a bit, but nothing too frustrating.

Only once they were all sewed together and ironed flat, did I look at the final top. I am sorry for the bad photos, they are a bit big, and I really need my quilt holder to fly back from South Africa to hold them up for me (standing on a chair, taking a photo doesn't quite work for me...I need to be a good 10" taller!)

I am thinking of using these 2 as a front and a back...I need to think about the quilting before I make this decision...and then I will probably want to do the same with the 3rd one, and need to make a 4th problem...I have so many of these pieces left to sew!

The above quilt top goes from yellow in the middle to blue on the edges. The bottom quilt top goes from blue in the middle to yellow on the edges. I think this would work well as a double sided quilt.

I am not sure about this quilt top below...when I look at it in the photo, to me it looks like I have sewn the 4 large squares the wrong way. I have to think about this one a bit more.


I finished the knitting of my Clapotis (pronounced Clap-Oh-Tee).

It has been sitting in the basket waiting patiently for my to block it so I can wear it.

Today I found some coated stainless steel wire for 1.40 euro each (bargain! proper "knitting wires", I priced at 30 pounds today on google)

You will have to excuse the colour of the towl peeping through the knitting, it's the largest towel I own!

Now I am waiting impatiently for it to dry....I love it!! :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


...tumbler blocks sewn together into strips = 3 larger than lap size quilts.

I have no idea how these will look yet, I haven't spread them out side by side. I have just been following the colour layout I played with in EQ5, and hoping for the best! I will wait until I have all the strips sewn into a top before I look at the finished top..hopefully I have sewn the colours in the correct order (eeek, maybe I should have a peek) No, I won't have a peek, I will just frog if necessary. If you squint, perhaps you can kind of see how these tumblers will look

Here is the "left over" tumblers I still have to play with...I have already made 7 quilts out of these, there must be enough for another 3-4 quilts there!

You should see what a difference I have made in the stash pile is a great way to clear out the "what to do with this" fabric! You will have to wait for the end of year photo to see how well I have done at using the stash (meanwhilet he knitting stash increases!)