Sunday, 23 October 2005

Mrs Taft

Finally sewn the last seams for the top of the QuiltSitters Challenge for this year. Now I need to sew the borders and quilt together. Would like to get it finished by this week...but not hopeful. The boys are on half term break (for the week), and we are off on a holiday as perhaps next week! :) Off to a festival this afternoon run by the Berlin International Women idea what it will be like, but they have face painting, and you can't beat that!!! :)

Saturday, 22 October 2005

November Lizzie Kate's

The credit card got a bit of a run a few weeks ago in a craft shop in America (gotta love internet shopping!) I have fallen in love with these Lizzie Kate designs. They are quick to stitch, and a nice break from the large projects I am working on at the moment. These are the 2003 and 2004 monthly designs. Once December 2005 is out, I will buy the complete set (to save on postage). Each month I will work on the following months bell pull. I will buy 1 hanger, and some velcro. Stitch the velcro on the back, attach it to the hanger, and change them each month..instead of buying 12 hangers! Nice to be sttiching these in the Northern hemisphere....where it actually is Autumn, and there are heaps of leaves, acorns and chestnuts falling to the ground!
The fabric is long enough for 5 or 6 designs...depending on how big next years designs are!

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

What I am working on?

quilting.....I am working on our quiltsitters challenge for this is a colour picture of the quilt...can't reveal the real thing yet...sorry girls! But it won't be long! A really nice pattern to work with...(name of block is Mrs Taft).
X stitch, still working on a teddy bear alphabet sampler, over 1/2 way there now. I really want to get this finished before the end of the year. Also got some Lizzie Kate designs that I want to start working on. These are quick designs, and I have to prepare the fabric to start stitching on these as well. There is a pattern for each month of the year, and I want to have November's done before the 1st Nov

Friday, 14 October 2005

quilt top finished

This quilt top has proved to be a tricky one, but finally I am happy with the final top. It is a queen size quilt, and follows the Judy Hooworth pattern from Quiltsitters (my Sydney quilt group)a few months ago. For those that know the technique, I didn't have enough red fabric to make 2 I needed to incorporate both sets of triangles blocks into the one top. In the centre light diamond, I added 4 red connectors to add an additional diamond, as I thought there was too much light brown fabric in the centre. I am really happy with it! I ran out of red fabric, and went to the quilt shop that I have been buying my fabric from in find it closed, no sign to say if it had moved or closed down. Previously the walls were painted blue and yellow, and now they were white, and no trace of even a thread on the floor?? I have no idea what happened, and there is no connected phone (hoping that the phone was on a diversion to a new address). So, back to square one with no quilt group! But where one door closes, another one opens. I have found a mum at school who quilts, and wants to get together and sew together! So that is fabulous! Chantal is a new I am hoping to corrupt her a bit (well a lot really!) :)

Friday, 7 October 2005

Parrot Quilt finished

I got this one finished on Thursday night at the first Book Club meeting I have joined up with. This one I started at Kaye England's seminar last year, and put the final stitches in the binding at the book club. Another one to strike off my UFO list (UnFinished Object) :) I only had a small amount of this parrot fabric (25cm strip), and thought this was a great pattern to show it off!

Sunday, 2 October 2005


I finished this cross stitch this afternoon. I had every intention of finishing a quilt instead, but the boys have been a bit wild, and it was better to sit with them for an hour and a half and watch a video. This one is a Lizzie Kate design, and a really easy pattern to stitch. It was nice to finish something so quickly after a few late night stitching sessions! I need to look at what else is in the stash to work on next!