Wednesday, 11 October 2006

# 7 Angel - Wisdom and Q Snaps

This one came all the way to Australia with me, and I only got half of her done. Last night, I put the last french knots in and she is now complete.

Here is the entire piece so far....
Working on Number 8 now, and then 4 more to go.

Some one asked me about QSnaps the other day, here is a picture of what they look like......I love using them, the tension is perfect every time you put them on.
Here is the link to the QSnap home page if you want to look. If I was a hand quilter, I would be getting one of these quilting frames! Click on Needlework products to see the hand held range.

Disclaimer:- I am not taking any responsibility for the heating up of your credit cards! ;)

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