Monday, 11 December 2006


Seems crazy to knitting scarves over here...while everyone in Melbourne and Sydney are sweating it out with tempretures over 35, and breathing in smoke from the bushfires.
But here I am knitting scarves while the tempreture plummets to single digit numbers, and we are wearing coats, gloves and hats.
So, here are the ones I have finished so far...with 2 to go. The rainbow coloured scarf is a belated birthday present for my friend, Michelle. The other one in the photo is a teacher present. Then there is Cameron with his new green scarf. His friend Bradley has one in the same wool, and he wanted one too....but green! I had enough wool left over to make Simba and Cheetah a scarf too.
Trying hard to finish the other teacher scarf, and Alexander has put in an order for a red scarf out of the same wool for him...and left over wool, a scarf for Stitch and Koala....

Question for do I take a decent photo of a scarf when I do not have the person to model it? I laid these ones on the floor...any other ideas?

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