Friday, 16 May 2008

Stitching April

Here are the latest Monthly Designs I am working on. April is finally finished!

I don't know why these are taking so long to do (something with my sock obsession I think!). Once I start one, it only takes 3-4 nights to complete.

The top three are Lizzie Kate Flip It's, the next 2 are from Rainbow Gallery and the last one is Bent Creek. I changed the wording on the Bent Creek one, it said "April Glooms", which didn't really sound right when it isn't going to be displayed with the other Bent Creek designs. So I changed it to April Showers, which was most suitable this April, we certainly had a lot of rain in April!

Here are the current finished pieces....deep sigh, I am not even half way yet! :)

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