Thursday, 28 August 2008

Beaded Bracelets

I bought some beads at the Melbourne Quilt Show, and I made some bracelets when I was in Melbourne. Then I went to Harmony Beads in North Balywn (opposite Coles on that scary corner with the trams and 5 roads all joining together), to match up smaller beads with the larger beads that I had bought!

These ones were done with a clover "knitting nancy"..I don't know the correct name for it. They were fun to make, and I have bought some more beading wire is different colours to try, and also some different clasps.


Gina said...

I love the bracelets. Well done.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Bizarre Quilter said...

OOh, I love the textures and colours. I could easily be addicted to beads.

I went to Jeff's Shed one time (well, every year really,) and did a class on knitting bead bracelets. We did it on knitting needles. I have made about 7 of them and I have some wire all threaded up ready to go for some time.. :)

I recognise my addictive (to textiles) nature and have refused to allow myself to start making cards or scrapbooking. LOL!!

THanks for vising my blog. I found yours on my own, then Andrea listed you as one of her favourites.

Loz in Oz

Leanna said...

Wow!! You go on holiday to visit family and you still do hobbies! You are amazing. They look great, very fancy two in the bottom pic.