Friday, 28 November 2008

Berlin Knitters

Through Ravelry I have met some other obsessed knitters, and there are plenty of opportunities to get together.

Most of these are in the evenings or over the weekend which is near impossible for me to manage, so I suggested a morning/lunch meeting on the last Friday of the month! A few people said they were interested, and our Last Friday of the Month get together was born.

This group saved my sanity here in Berlin, I can sit with other obsessed crafters and talk about the stuff I love to do. So, here we are....

We meet at an American Coffee Shop with big comfy chairs and chat, knit and then frog when we make a mistake! Today I remembered to take my camera.

Here is a great Dr Who doll in progress and a knitted Dalek.

1 comment:

Muckla said...

This looks like a very cosy gathering. I'm glad I was there :)