Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Semester 2 spinning

After full on days of looking at social networking sites, modules to be read and written in an online journal it was a relief to sit down after dinner and spin for a few hours.
Again, I surprised myself with how much spinning I managed to get done this semester.
I tried my hand at some art yarn, in particular core spinning which I really love doing.  A bobbin fills up really quickly, and I am going to try knitting some hand warmers up with the art yarn to see how it looks.

Just before the semester began, we moved house.  We are now very proud home owners, and are very happy with the place we have bought.  Phil installed some rails above the sink in the laundry, and I am able to hang up skeins of yarn.  So here is this semester's hand spun yarn ready to wash, when the weather is nice, and the last assignment is sent off for the semester.

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