Tuesday, 27 September 2005

"It's definitely not finished Mum"

That was Cameron's reaction to looking at the current quilt I am working on. He is right, though I don't need reminding!
This is a quilt I started at last year's Kaye England seminar in November. I got the centre piece and the next 2 rows completed at the seminar. Once it was all together I decided I wanted to add an extra row around the whole thing. This got popped away for another day, while I started a new project at the seminar. After talking to Kelly,who is waiting patiently (not) for her baby to make an appearance at any moment, I thought I would tackle this one.....Mmm...sounded like a good thing to do this morning. 168 small , 12 medium and 16 large triangles later, I have decided one extra row will be enough for this quilt! I will get the rows together tomorrow. Cameron is busting to work on his first quilt, so we better get going on that one! We will try and get all the fabric cut out this afternoon before Alexander comes home from school

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