Friday, 14 October 2005

quilt top finished

This quilt top has proved to be a tricky one, but finally I am happy with the final top. It is a queen size quilt, and follows the Judy Hooworth pattern from Quiltsitters (my Sydney quilt group)a few months ago. For those that know the technique, I didn't have enough red fabric to make 2 I needed to incorporate both sets of triangles blocks into the one top. In the centre light diamond, I added 4 red connectors to add an additional diamond, as I thought there was too much light brown fabric in the centre. I am really happy with it! I ran out of red fabric, and went to the quilt shop that I have been buying my fabric from in find it closed, no sign to say if it had moved or closed down. Previously the walls were painted blue and yellow, and now they were white, and no trace of even a thread on the floor?? I have no idea what happened, and there is no connected phone (hoping that the phone was on a diversion to a new address). So, back to square one with no quilt group! But where one door closes, another one opens. I have found a mum at school who quilts, and wants to get together and sew together! So that is fabulous! Chantal is a new I am hoping to corrupt her a bit (well a lot really!) :)

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