Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A paddle in the Adriatic Sea

We travel to the Adriatic and someone continues a UFO... Could have been anywhere... (mum's blue furry hat)
"Where is the sand? All we can find are these rocks and we have thrown 200, 165 (Cameron's estimate) of them into the sea!"

We were about a month before the high tourist season, and it was a great time to come. Easy to get tables in restaraunts, and the beaches were really quiet whilst the water was warm!

Phil and the boys had a great swim, although the pebbles underfoot felt a bit funny! There were heaps of small fish also swimming about, and Phil really jumped when a slightly larger one decided to have a nibble at his toe!

This beach is at Medveja, several km's around the coast from Opatija, Requiring a ride on a local bus to Lovran and then a 2 km walk. It was really beautiful, and worth the effort!

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