Sunday, 2 March 2008

Quilt #4 completed

This Churn Dash quilt was the 4th quilt I managed to complete this week.

I have been collecting these black and white fabrics for many years..this year I am hoping to make 3-4 quilts with them.

Both boys need new quilts to take on the plane when we go back to Oz...the quilts that I originally made them 3 years ago are too small. Their legs hang out the end of the quilts (they are warmer than the plane blankets). So I am thinking of doing another churn dash, but maybe with some extra triangles...I need to have a play in EQ5 to see what I think.

edited...darn it...I have just picked up a mistake in my quilt, just by looking at the's far too late to fix it. I am sure only quilters will see the mistake! (to the quilters who see it...shhh...don't tell anyone, this is a gift!)


Aussie Stitcher said...

You did a great job with your February goals. Your quilt look wonderful and I am gob smacked and how you manage to churn out so many!!!! ;)

Jenny said...

At least the mistake is symmetrical. The quilts look brilliant - and the mistake is minor and proves you are human.

The last plane I was on was so overheated I sweated the whole trip - Lufthansa too!


Erica said...

Love this quilt! It makes me want to start collecting black-and-white prints.

The Calico Cat said...

I had to go row by row to find it - so it is not glaring!

I too have a clooection of black & whites... I plan on doing something with them - eventually. (I need to finish a few "gottados" first.)

Lissa Jane said...

well done, I wouldn't of noticed the modesty block if you hadn't pointed it out!
can't bleieve what you have been up to, what a busy possum you've been!


Mary said...

You've been productive with 4 finishes. Don't you hate finding a mistake in a photo when you're done? I always find things in photographs that I don't find when looking at the quilt in person - when I think about it, I try to take a photo of my blocks arranged BEFORE sewing them together. (Of course, that doesn't help when I twist a block during the assembly process!)

creativedawn said...

I love visiting here, you have so many pretty quilts and the socks look really warm. I enjoy knitting as well and very often make hats, scarves,and even socks...You also have a good looking family and those two boys must keep you very busy! Take care and quilty hugs

Kathy Wagner said...

You are really on a roll!
Love the churn dash with black, white and green - yum!