Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Quilt # 12

Cameron's Blue Churn Dash.

Cameron's favourite colours have always been green and yellow, but he has now changed to blue. So this one had to be altered from my original plan.

He is thrilled with it!

Still there are plenty of black and white fabrics, probably for another 2-3 quilts! They will have to wait...I have another couple of tumbler block quilts on the go (again)


paula, the quilter said...

Save that b&w stripe and that b&w checkerboard for inner borders on quilts or frames around blocks on a quilt with no other b&w. O do they add pizazz!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your quilts look wonderful, but I absolutely love the scarves, such an easy pattern but so effective. I can see some new scarves in my future.

Leanna said...

I love both the red and blue quilts. Just stunning. The red one really "pops".

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your B&W quilts Nicole!
What colour is the next one?!?!

Karen S said...

I've just scrolled your blog and gawped at your quilts! They are soooooo beautiful.
I'm wanting to start quilting, but fairly certain I can't create anything that beautiful ;)

Brigitte said...

Wann nähst du das alles? Bei jedem Besuch sind wieder einige Quilts fertig! Und sie sind wunderschön!

Margeeth said...

I like this block, very good to use your scraps. The blue quilt of this post I like best, as blue is my favorite color.

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Nicole,

love the quilts ...so can i put an order in for a quilt and a pair of socks please ??

Australia xx

Andrea said...

Really great quilts - I love the way you've done your borders. Are they thrilled with them ?