Thursday, 30 October 2008

Danish Wool

I was thrilled to find a wool shop in Hirtshals open on the north coast of Denmark.

The owner of the shop was very charming, and helped me with the Danish wool. She spoke very good English.

I bought these 2 balls of wool. She explained how the vest that was modelled on the mannequin was made from the same wool, and the pattern came free with the purchase of the wool....the only problem...the pattern was in Danish.

Who am I kidding....I have enough trouble with the German language. But I took the pattern anyway, and I am determined to give this pattern a's a gorgeous vest!

I will have to find a nice Denmark Knitter in Ravelry to help with the pattern....that won't be hard!

I think I can at least start it by myself...I can work out which needles to use, which size and how many stitches to cast that's a start!


Gina said...

Best of luck

love and husg Gina xxx

Lissa Jane said...

teehee.. Maybe Princess Mary is a knitter?? I know she speaks Danish AND 'strine, so you should be able to work this one out..

I am giggling though, I am thinking 'boy that Nicole likes a challenge' and 2. Lissa needs to wear her glasses, I thought the end shot of the wool was a breadroll when I first looked.. LOL I left my glasses at work today.. squiting whilst blogging is dangerous for the health!


Karen S said...

you can ask me ;) I'm Lykkefanten on Ravelry and as Danish as they come ;)
I loooove kauni! I hope you like it too ;)

swooze said...

The things we do for our craft! LOL!