Thursday, 26 January 2006

My Quilting Stash I really have too much fabric...
Am I in the running for "She who dies with the most fabric wins?". Not even should see some of the quilters cupboards that I have seen! I like to show these pictures to Phil, so he realises my stash isn't so bad! :)
In my quilting internet group it was suggested that we should name this year as "International Year of the Scrap Quilt". I like to think of it as "International Year of Use Your Stash Year".

Here are 2 photos of my stash. The shelving is most of the fabric that I have (there is some stashed away in a few boxes, but this is the majority. The second is the boxes of scraps. These are sorted into widths. These are left over strips of fabric that I have used in other quilts over the years...but couldn't bear to throw out!
I hope that by the end of the year, I will be able to see a dramatic difference in these shelves and boxes...I will keep this photo as a reference, and see how it goes. I am trying really hard not to buy any new fabric....but I tell Phil that sometimes I think the fabric on these shelves are breeding...there cannot be any other explanation??

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