Sunday, 4 February 2007

Same pattern, different fabrics

It has been a good day for sewing. Cameron is at Mohammed's, Alexander is at Martin's, and Phil is asleep on the couch.

So, I am being left alone to sew.

Here is what I did today.

Sorted strips into the right boxes...I have been lazy and not putting them away. It only took 20 minutes to do the whole lot. So my sewing space is looking neater...for the moment!

Sewed the borders on to the Japanese fabric quilt (see previous post)

Pulled out appropriate strips for Lisa's baby quilt....all from the scrap boxes. I only had to pull 2 fabrics out of the stash to add to it. It is the same pattern as the Japanese quilt. But I decided to colour co-ordinate it a bit more. I think it can be used as an "I Spy" quilt. Lots of things in there to point out. If I can get it sewn and bordered tonight, I can pin both quilts tomorrow afternoon, ready to quilt!

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