Saturday, 17 March 2007

My oldest quilting UFO

Stashbusters topic of the week was to admit to our oldest UFO. Actually I am not too embarrassed by this one, although at some stage in the near future I will actually get it finished and it will go on our bed.
It is a double wedding ring quilt. I did a course with Oatley Cottage in Sydney, May 2001. When I originally told Phil I was going to do the course, I said it was the only double wedding ring quilt I will ever make, because I don't really like working with curves. His response was "Well, you should make a big one then".....why did I listen to that response.

So, here is the bigger than king size quilt. I enjoyed making it, and enjoyed finishing the top. Then it sat as a top for a few years. When we decided to come to Germany, I asked my quilting friend Ellen to quilt it for me on her long arm machine. Ellen did an amazing job on it.

This is only a quarter of the quilt. I don't have enough space to lay it out, and the photo wouldn't show the you will have to wait until it is totally finished to see...

Below is a more detailed picture. When I chose the 6 fabrics for the rings, I didn't realise they would all read as one fabric when you look from a distance. I know the idea of this pattern is to be able to read each piece as a single unit, but personally I don't worry about that!

Now I just have to bind it. I have the binding all cut out, ready to go, but somewhere in the move I lost the instructions on how to bind a curved this has been the reason it is still a UFO. I have tried to Google binding instructions to complete it...with no luck. I mentioned it to the stash buster girls, and someone came up with some detailed instructions on "scalloped edges"...I jsut needed a different word. So, perhaps this will get finished before our 12th Wedding Anniversary next February....or maybe not!

The other UFO question was "How many UFO's do you have?"

Well, I am not pulling them out of the box to check....'casue I don't want to feel guilty about it...but probably about 10. but that is a vast improvement if you ha have asked me back in 1999! :)

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