Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Lizzie Kate and other stitching

Now that the angels are finished, and I am waiting for the next project to arrive in the mail, I have pulled out some Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek and Rainbow Gallery designs to stitch up.
These are great as they don't take too long to stitch up. I have 6 different designs for each you can do the Maths for how many I have to stitch! On average they take 2-5 evenings to stitch.

January...stitching complete

top half

bottom half

The beginning of the February piece

I am going to finish them off the same way I have with the angels. On the hanging sleeve, I will stitch some velcro, so I can change the hanger for each month (instead of having to buy 12 hangers). Maybe by next year, I will actually be able to hang them up each month! (we will see)

Once the next big project arrives, I will try and stitch on these 1-2 nights per week.

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